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RostockMAX v4 Fully Assembled RTP

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The RostockMAX v4 

The RostockMAX v4 features a powerful A/C heated bed and metal enclosure.  The improved heated bed improves adhesion and performance.  Responsive power to reach higher bed temperatures in minutes. Typical heated bed response time to reach 60C temperature is approximately 4 minutes and 100C in about 8 minutes. Combined with the SE300 auto probing hotend, the RostockMAX has never been better.

The 32 bit Duet Wifi controller provides smooth, precise, and quiet motion control. The smooth motion is a combination of the 32 bit control board, 0.9 degree stepper motors, and our unique low-no maintenance Cheapskate linear motion design. The EZR Struder precisely drives filament to our SE300 probing hotend. The SE300 hotend is ready for filaments requiring temperatures up to 280C. 



The Configuration Guide for WiFi Connection

Please click here and review the assembly guide here before purchasing.




  • Touchscreen Controller w/SD Card Reader
  • 32 bit WiFi Duet Control Board
  • Quiet motion control
  • Browser Control from your PC or MAC or phone or tablet
  • Auto bed leveling through SE300* probe
  • Heated Bed with borosilicate glass build plate
  • fine 0.9 degree axis stepper motors
  • standard 0.5mm diameter nozzle
  • EZR Struder cold end filament feeder with 0.9 degree stepper


Printer Specifications

  • WiFi Control - Easy Touchscreen Setup
  • 280mm Dia x 385mm H Print Area
  • Minimum Capable Layer Height with 0.5mm nozzle of 0.08mm
  • Maximum Recommended Layer Height with .5mm nozzle of .4mm
  • Power Requirements 110VAC @ 500 watts
  • Max Heated Bed Temp 110C
  • Max Hotend Temp 280C
  • Max Printing Speed @.2mm Layer Height 100mm/s
  • Max Travel Speed 350mm/s
  • Step Resolution 0.01mm
  • Typical bed probe auto-calibrate deviation 0.08mm to 0.13mm
  • Printer overall size without spool 430mmW x 410mmL x 910mmH
  • Printer overall size with spool on top 430mmW x 410mmL x 1130mmH





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Manufactured in

Ligonier, Indiana, U.S.A.