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Dual 2 into 1 Filament Add-On Kit

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Revised June 2018 

These kits come complete with everything needed to install on to your compatible SeeMeCNC 3D printer. With our Dual Filament Feed Adapters you can feed and print in 2 different materials or colors with one single nozzle.  These adapters are injection molded from clear ABS material so you can see what's happening when changing filaments for easy troubleshooting as well.

These adapters are made for use with 1.75mm filament only.  They come with 4mm PTC cartridge fittings and our PTC lanyards to prevent backlash and lock the fittings on to the PTFE tubing.  


  • 0.9 degree stepper motor
    • BOSSdelta 500
    • BOSSdelta 300
    • Artemis 300
    • RostockMAX v4
    • RostockMAX v3.2 
  • 1.8 degree stepper motor
    • RostockMAX v3 (see note below)
  • mounting is not compatible with Rostock MAX v1, v2, Orion, Eris, or Hacker Series
  • for older SeeMeCNC printers, we have found the firmware works best with RAMBo controllers v1.3 and newer

Attn: RostockMAX v3 Owners: 

There is a known bug with Repetier Firmware that causes random extruder changes when connected to the printer via USB. You must print from the SD card to avoid this issue. 



  • one EZR Struder kit
  • optional stepper motor
  • Dual Extruder mounting panel white or black for RostockMAX v3 and v3.2 
  • 2mm ID X 4mm OD PTFE bowden tube
  • PTC clips for locking all PTC fittings to PTFE tubing
  • Dual Feed Adapter and assembly hardware

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