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ERIS® Parts Kit - No Hotend

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The ERIS® Parts Kit 2023

In collaboration with Mitch3D.com 

Pictures are example of a completed printer.  The parts kits do not include a hotend or control board.




The ERIS is a mini delta desktop printer sold between 2016-2018.  Less than 400 machines were sold in that time.  Now we are offering a limited run of 100 parts kits.  The Eris 2023 Kit bottom covers will have a serial number sticker between the 400 and 500 range.

SeeMeCNC is not providing troubleshooting for firmware or control boards for this kit because we are not selling or using these components.  SeeMeCNC is providing one year warranty for parts excluding consumables, like glass or bed adhesion stickers. 

The unique linear motion slides and ball joints require no lubrication. The hardened steel shafts are treated and also require no maintenance. 



Required to make a working printer - Sold Separately

Visit Mitch3D to learn about the recommend not included parts!  

  • control board
  • controller screen
  • hotend
  • firmware choice and installation
  • time and patience



Eris Kit Details

What's included in all purchase options

  • This kit does not include everything required to make a working printer.
  • Includes belts, assembly screws, timing pulley's, etc. 
  • Arms, Platform, and slides
  • Convenient carry handle build into top
  • EZR Struder using 1.75mm filament
  • Spool holder
  • Build volume of over 124mm Dia (4.9") bed X ~165mm H (6.5")
  • High quality injection molded frame
  • Hardened linear rods
  • Assembled Machine overall dimensions (no filament spool) 9-1/2" (240mm) dia x 17-1/2" (444mm)



Checkout Options

These options are for the power supply and/or four steppers motors described below.

  • The 80W Power Supply includes IEC power cord
  • The three 1.8 deg stepper motors for three axis towers
  • The EZR Stepper Motor may be 1.8deg or 0.9 deg step as available



Made in the U.S.A.