HE280 BRASS Replacement Nozzles

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These replacement nozzles for our HE280 Hotends are precision CNC Machined in house to our specs.  They are made from high quality C6 hardened brass and are made to fit our HE280 hotends but 'may' fit others that use an M6 x 1 thread.  The threaded length is appx. 4mm long.  Available in the 4 most popular sizes of .4mm/.5mm/.7mm and 1mm.  Our Hotends ship with a .5mm stock, in case you want to replace the OEM part.

  • Made from 1/4" C6 Brass Hex Material (Uses 1/4" Hex driver or wrench)
  • M6 X 1.0 Thread (Thread is ~4mm Long)
  • 2xd Land Around Nozzle Exit
  • 1.5xd Exit Length of Nozzle Diameter
  • not compatible with our older style PEEK Hotends!