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HE280 Thermal Repair Kit

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This product is discontinued and un. Your RAMBo controlled SeeMeCNC printer should be updated with "firmware" located on github.com/seemecnc, then the thermal fuse is not necessary and can be bypassed. 



Was new in 2018: Easy HE280 hotend maintenance - avoid breaking the delicate glass thermistor!

These new parts NOT included with this 71285 HE280 Thermal Repair Kit. These new parts make servicing your printer easier and are built more rugged. No more broken thermistor wires! A plug to remove the thermistor cartridge! 

Click here to look at our new thermistor cartridge 26194 used with our new heat block

Click here to look at our new heater block 71217 used with the new thermistor cartridge listed above. 

Click here for the PH2 plug header 26176 which fits the HE280 PCB rev5 and rev6 circuit boards.



HE280 Original Thermal Repair Kit:

(for HE280 Hotends ordered BEFORE February 1st, 2018)

This HE280 hotend thermal repair kit includes everything you need to rebuild or repair the lower portion of your hotend with the following parts -

  • 3 Wire Ferrules
  • 1 40w heater cartridge
  • 1 thermal safety fuse
  • 1 100k thermistor
  • 45mm high temp insulation
  • 40mm high temp wire
  • ptfe tubing for insulating the thermistor leads
  • Barrel Fan Blocker - stops the fan from blowing on the heater block

All parts are the same as current HE280 hotend design.