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Thermistor Cartridge NTC 100K 3mm Dia

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SeeMeCNC Thermistor Cartridge

New for 2018. This pluggable thermistor cartridge makes servicing SeeMeCNC Hotends easy. The sturdy brass casing protects the sensitive thermistor while providing excellent thermal conduction and a solid surface for securing to the heater block.



  • SE300 Hotend Assemblies
  • Heater Block part number 71217
  • Artemis 300 printer
  • RostockMAX v3 HE280's after Feb 1st, 2018
  • RostockMAX v3.2
  • RostockMAX v4
  • BOSSdelta 500
  • BOSSdelta 300

Note: This thermistor cartridge is reverse compatible with HE280 hotends when used with the new 2018 heater block part number 71217. 



  • 3mm Dia x 15mmL Brass Cartridge Head
  • 65mm Over All Length End to End
  • NTC 100k Thermistor
  • B = 3950
  • PH2 Plug
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 300C