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HE280 Heater Block

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NEW FOR 2018: Easy HE280 hotend maintenance - avoid breaking the delicate glass thermistor!

These new parts NOT included with this 71216 HE280 heater block.

These new parts make servicing your printer easier and are built more rugged. No more broken thermistor wires! A plug to remove the thermistor cartridge! 

Click here to look at our new thermistor cartridge 26194 used with our new heat block. This thermistor cartridge is crimped into a brass body to protect the glass bead thermistor from accidental breaking.

Click here to look at our new heater block 71217 used with the new thermistor cartridge 26194.

Click here for the PH2 plug header 26176 which fits the HE280 PCB rev5 and rev6 circuit boards. Plug in the new thermistor cartridge and avoid dealing with the delicate glass bead. 



HE280 Heater Block

This heater block fits our HE280 hotends.  It is CNC machined from aluminum. The threaded nozzle hole is an M6-1.0 thread.  The thermistor mounting and retention threaded hole is M3-0.8 as are the heater cartridge clamping screw holes.



  • HE280 Hotends and Assemblies
  • 100K thermistors part number 26141
  • RostockMAX v3, Orion printers with HE280 hotends

Note: This heater block 



  • Includes Screws
  • 23mm L x 15mm W x 10mm H
  • Precision Machined Aluminum 
  • M6-1 Thread
  • M3 Screw Threads









This item is just for the bare heater block.  No screws/hardware included etc...