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38mm Long PTFE Tube for hotend 2mm ID x 4mm OD

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This short tube is approximately 38mm long. Chamfered one end. Installed chamfered end up.


2mm ID

4mm OD

One Part





  1. Observe slight inside taper of PTFE tubing. This taper is inserted up into the knurled adjusting component.
  2. Position jam nut almost completely threaded onto the knurled adjuster.
  3. Screw in the adjuster assembly by hand until some resistance is felt by trapping the PTFE tube between the heat break and knurled adjuster.
  4. No tools needed, turn 1/4 further to slightly compress the PTFE tube.
  5. Then use the blue SeeMeCNC hotend spanner wrench (included) to firmly tighten the jam nut to the PCB.
  6. Install the included nylon PTC locking clip on the PTFE bowden tube and snap under the black PTC release ring of the knurled adjust assembly.
  7. Seat the bowden tube again after installing the lock clip.
  8. Finished