HE280™ Hotend With Accelerometer Probe

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Our new HE280 hotend is finally here!  With feedback from our community and our years of using our previous hotends we've developed a more robust and low maintenance hotend than ever before!

We've eliminated the PEEK material used in our previous hotends in favor of an all metal construction.  This eliminates the chance for any hotend 'meltdown' that caused the PEEK heat break to soften and deform on our previous hotends.  We have also moved to using a 40 watt cartridge heater as well as a thermal safety fuse in-line to help protect from component failures or overheated hotends.  Another new feature of our hotend is the PTFE bowden tube continuing all the way down to the thermal break. There's no more separate liner to install!  This continuous path guides filament reliably from the extruder down to the melt zone. 

The internal filament passage is still lined with PTFE tubing, allowing smooth jam free PLA printing.  And we've optimized the transition area from the PTFE to stainless steel heat break section which eliminates filament jams with the most widely used filaments, such as, PLA and PET, Nylon, ABS, Flexibles, Proto-Pasta, 3DXTech and more!



What's included: 

The KIT includes everything needed to assemble the hotend EXCEPT a ball joint platform.  And assembled options include a new ball joint platform and ball cup studs pre-assembled and ready to use.

KIT Option:

  • Complete HE280 Hotend with .5mm nozzle
  • Accel Probing PCB Board/Mount 
  • 3 25mm Part Cooling Fans & Fan Mounts
  • 1 25mm Cold End Cooling Fan

Assembled Option:

  • Everything above PLUS a new platform setup for ball cup arms for either a Rostock MAX or Orion Delta.


What you'll need to assemble the KIT version:

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Solder & Soldering Iron
  • 12mm Wrench or Pliers


What you'll need if you are upgrading from an older RostockMAX v2 or Orion:

  • New Hotend Wiring Whip Available HERE
  • Flash New Firmware Available HERE
  • Ball Cup Arms
  • Injection Molded Carriages 
  • If you have an old ATX PSU, you *might* need a new PSU. Older power supply units can have trouble putting out enough voltage to keep up with the HE280!

Making your own wiring harness or adapting to other machines?  YOU WILL NEED ONE OF THESE 8 pin connectors to plug into the hotend board.

How-To Installation Guides

Rostock Max v1/v2
Orion Delta