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STAR DRIVE stainless steel drive roller

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Stainless Steel STAR DRIVE

The STAR DRIVE stainless steel filament drive roller for SeeMeCNC extruders. We designed this new drive wheel for longer life and higher precision. Fine cut teeth are machined straight and perpendicular to the filament path. Tight tolerances of the STAR DRIVE allow it as a "drop-in" replacement for all SeeMeCNC EZR's.  Compared to our existing carbon steel drive hobs, this design uses stainless steel and new geometry to dramatically improve the life of the drive when printing with filled filaments, such as carbon fiber filled or glass filled filaments. 


Technical Specifications

  • Stainless Steel
  • Fine Straight Drive Teeth
  • 5mm center hole
  • M4 tapped hole with setscrew
  • 2mm hex wrench installation  (not included) 



  • SeeMeCNC EZR Struder OEM factory replacement
  • SeeMeCNC EZ Struder OEM factory replacement
  • fits precision 5mm shafts stepper motors



Manufactured by SeeMeCNC in the U.S.A.