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Silicone Heater for 300mm x 300mm Beds 110VAC 700W

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This is the heater used in the Jubilee. This silicone heater has 700W power and has a high temperature permanent adhesive back. 

Use this industrial heater at your own risk. We can't advise this used in a wood box type application. We recommend switching this heater on and off using the solid state relay (SSR) we sell, part number 26193. It is very important to use a quality SSR with heaters such as this. 



  • 110VAC / 700W
  • power leads approximately 300mm L
  • industrial grade heating element
  • high temperature silicone pad
  • permanent adhesive back
  • 300mm x 300mm
  • approximately 2mm thick with bump at power entry location
  • DOES NOT include thermistor



Included in the package:

  • one adhesive backed silicone heater may different slightly from pictured item


     NOTE: This item is not covered by warranty. Resistance is tested before product leaves the factory. Do not apply electricity without sticking to the load which you are heating. Risk of electric shock, use at your own risk.