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H2 Delta DIY 3D Printer Kit

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April 2019 - Discontinued



The First In Our Hacker Series 3D Printer Kits.  

Please read about our Hacker Series Machines before purchasing this kit.

(printed parts shown are not included)

Download the 3D printable parts from our GitHub Page 

Our H2 3D Printer kit is ready for all you builders and modders out there.  Featuring genuine UltiMachine electronics along with our auto-level probing HE280 Hotend, both included standard.  This kit comes complete with everything to build minus your tools and time.  Once you've initially built your H2, we've also included all the hardware to mount the 3D printable files from our Github page, even bearings and bolts for a printed spool holder.  We have included two different length sets of delta arms to allow you to expand your print area later or print taller narrower parts right out of the box.  The 290mm arms give an approximately 200mm printable diameter and 175mm height.  Or use the 178mm arms to give your H2 approximately 140mm in diameter and 295mm height.  Includes a 90w power supply that delivers plenty of power for running your H2 stock, but if you want to mod your machine to add a heated bed, you'll need to provide a larger power supply similar to what we use on other machines.  Speaking of modding, you'll be happy to know that most of the parts are interchangeable between our Orion and the H2 (think about the heated bed).


This is a DIY KIT Printer. Don't let that scare you though, it's a really fun build!


 What's in the box:

  • All hardware for assembly
  • HE280 Hotend w/accelorometer probe
  • EZR Struder
  • 90w power supply
  • 220mm boroscillicate glass build plate
  • 2 sets of delta arms for different printer configurations
  • high torque NEMA 17 motors
  • UltiMachine mini-RAMBo electronics
  • Extra hardware for mounting printable addons and spool holders