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PC PolyCarb FabLam™ Build Surface Laminate

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FabLam™ Build Surface Laminate is a self adhesive sheet that you apply to glass, metal, PCB beds and more to help with print adhesion. It works excellent on non-heated build surfaces for PLA and PET's, and when heated lightly can help reduce ABS warping and curling.

We don't recommend heating your bed over 60c when using this laminate because it may bond TOO WELL to your print! 

Print on clean dry FabLam using only rubbing alcohol to clean. Sold individually as well as 5 and 10 packs. Trim to fit your build surface for best results. This is a consumable product and is not warrantied for replacement or return.



  • Choose size to fit your printer
  • Works best on flexible spring steel plates
  • Use with SeeMeCNC FabLam Flex™ Spring Steel Build Plates