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Conversion Kit - RostockMAX v3 to v3.2

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Note: We no longer sell this kit with Duet2 Controller.  After November 28th, 2018, this kit will only offer assembled SE300 hotends.


This kit converts a RostockMAX v3 into a RostockMAX v3.2

Although your RostockMAX model number on your frame will still say "v3", this kit will basically make your printer a whole different experience! This kit is the heart of the new "v3.2" delta!  The v3.2 frame is identical to the v3 and you'll benefit from the quiet smooth operation our newest RostockMAX has to offer. Get a kit with or without the Duet WiFi 32 bit controller. Includes the whip kit with connectors and SE300 hotend kit. Hardware and laser cut panels for fuses and front panel are included, choose your color. Get started by printing the mounting adapter for the Duet WiFi. The Duet mounting adapter aligns with the holes in your v3 top assembly so you do not have to modify your existing parts.


Print your Duet WiFi adapter

Download the printable mounting adapter here  


The kits NO LONGER include a Duet2 WiFi control board.

Kit Includes: 

  • black or white melamine side panels
  • 39821 16T Timing Pulleys (3 pcs)
  • 71296  SE300 probing hotend KIT (latest pcb version)
  • 71276 Assembled Whip for the SE300
  • necessary wiring
  • electrical parts, fuse holders, fuses, etc. (These are only necessary with v1.03 or older Duet2 boards. Please email sales@seemecnc.com if you need fuses)
  • hardware for mounting control board
  • does not include stepper motors
  • Please note the SE300 power to probe circuit is 3.3VDC


Vase print credit "Polygon Vase", on thingiverse, by Antonin_Nosek



Instructions for upgrade are located HERE.