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FabLam Flex™ SET Spring Steel PEI & Magnetic Sheet 310mm Diameter

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FabLam Flex™ Set 

PEI Powder Coated Spring Steel & Magnetic Sheet with Adhesive.

SeeMeCNC high quality PEI Powder Coated Spring Steel Bed Plate.  One side is PEI Powder Coated with texture.  The other side is smooth PEI.  The PEI build surface does not require preparation before printing.  The 3D print is easily released by flexing the FabLam Flex™ spring steel plate. 

The high temperature magnetic sheet is rated up to 130C. The magnetic sheet has adhesive on one side. Designed to stick to our 310mm borosilicate glass plate (sold separately). You may clean and stick to your existing glass plate, however keep in mind the bond is permanent. 

No modifications. Our FabLam design requires no changes to your printer. 



  • One PEI Powder Coat Texture One Side / Smooth Other Side
  • One Magnetic Sheet with adhesive one side
  • Warning label stickers for printer enclosure



Replacement parts and reference information. Please note the smooth side sticker is very difficult to remove. Goo-Gone or similar adhesive remover recommended. 

  • PLA, PETG, Carbon Fiber PETG, ABS, TPU, PVA
  • PEI Build Surface Stickers ( replacement smooth side)
  • Designed for SeeMeCNC FabLam Flex build plates



Shipping Magnets

  • Magnetic sheet only sold with FabLam spring steel plate due to shipping regulation. 
  • We do not sell magnetic sheets separately