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Assembled Hotend Whips For SeeMeCNC Hotends

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Select your machine model or hotend PCB version. 

These assembled whips are factory OEM replacement parts for your SeeMeCNC 3D printer.

The hotend wiring harness (whip) is for use with our hotends and connectors. They are compatible with BOSSdelta 300, Artemis, RostockMAX v3.2, RostockMAX v2/v3, Orion, ERIS models. 

Each whip comes fully terminated with the 'hot-end' side fully assembled. The free end is terminated and ready for routing through the machine frame as needed. The connectors are provided to connect to the Duet board, RAMBo, or mini RAMBo to HE280, Eris, or SE300 Hotends.  

SE300 Whip - September 2019 update uses a new connector for power and is compatible with SE300 v1.4.

    Included in this pack:

    • One assembled whip for selected machine or hotend type
    • One section of PTFE tubing cut to length for the whip ordered


    Length Notes

    The lengths listed measure from the 10 position connector to free end.  

    • SE300 v1.4 hotends for the large BOSSdelta 500 series
      • 85"L BOSSdelta 500 1/2M tall   
      • 105"L BOSSdelta 500 1M tall
      • 145"L BOSSdelta 500 2.1M tall  
    • SE300 v1.4 / v1.3 
      • 75"L BOSSdelta 300
      • 75"L Artemis 300
      • 75"L RostockMAX v4
      • 75"L RostockMAX v3.2


    Print a whip clip for HE280 Hotends Only

    • only for the HE280 hotend
    • https://repables.com/items/download/1284/5632/
    • Support is drawn onto this part. PLA works fine.