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Wire Harness - Filament Runout Switch

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This wire harness consists of three wires (one red, one black, one white) terminated with Molex KK female connectors both ends.  The harness also includes a 3-position housing for each end of the wire for connecting a Filament Runout Switch to the Duet board of the printer.  Included is mesh loom and zip ties to hold the loom in place.


Select your length depending on your printer. One harness per extruder required. 



  • Qty 1 harness as shown



  • BOSSdelta 300   (1700mm Long)
  • Artemis   (1700mm Long)
  • BOSSdelta 500   (1700mm Long)
  • RostockMAX v4   (500mm Long)
  • RostockMAX v3.2   (500mm Long)