Vase Blue Colors 27" Tall

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"Vase" is the first Art created by Steve Wygant (aka PartDaddy) in 2014. The ribs give strength and aesthetics to the work. 

  • 14" Diameter x 27" Tall
  • made of PLA thermoplastic
  • single perimeter 3D print, hollow with solid bottom
  • study enough to hold a pot, but not fill completely
  • looks great as just artwork
  • avoid direct sunlight
  • this design is not water tight
  • this work is not a series or edition by PartDaddy



Steve "PartDaddy" Wygant is selling his designs printed on "The PartDaddy" large format delta printer. The large format printer extrudes thermoplastic resin pellets and is a machine capable of making one meter diameter by three meter tall objects. The project objective is to 3D print large designs in a relatively short amount of time at a reduced cost. To achieve this, Steve designed and built a pellet extruder to extrude thick layers, which greatly reduces printing time. Rather than using filament, the machine uses plastic pellets to lower the cost of printing large scale designs. The large format printer is designed and named after PartDaddy himself. And the entire SeeMeCNC crew had a hand in making and assembling the printer in 2014. Since then, many works of art and 3D printed furniture have been created on this incredible machine.