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Spring Arm Kit for Molded SeeMeCNC Carriages

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This kit contains parts to retrofit one printer (3 carriages)


August 1st, 2018 revision

Our first revision since the initial release of our injection molded carriage linear motion system in August of 2015! This design securely fastens the spring arms to the bearing by using a screw. While engineered to be maintenance free, the screws also make disassembly easy. Parts fit together precise and snug, keeping the motion system tight and accurate. 

We believe you'll be impressed with the rigidity this new design adds to the motion system of your Orion, H2, or RostockMax printer.  



  • 6 symmetric spring arms (makes 3 assemblies)
  • 6 screws (makes 3 assemblies)



  • all injection molded carriages by SeeMeCNC
  • ships with all orders placed August 1st, 2018, and later


Carriage not included, shown for reference only.