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SeeMeFPV 1806-2300kv MultiRotor Motor

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These 1806 - 2300kv motors are great performance motors for any multirotor build and especially FPV racers.  High RPM's on a small 180-220 size racer give you the speed you need to make that pass!  They come with a 5mm right hand threaded bolt on style prop adapter that's replaceable so if you ever strip out the threads you don't have to throw the whole motor away, simply replace the adapter.  We have both right and left hand adapters available as well if you need to replace them.

Specs -

  • 200mm motor wire leads
  • M2 motor mount holes - 12mm x 16mm pattern
  • M2 prop adapter mounting holes - 9mm 4 hole pattern
  • Comes with M2 x 5mm and M2 x 7mm hardware
  • Includes 3 2mm bullet connectors
  • Includes standard right hand 5mm prop adapter


Here's the links to the replacement prop adapters -

Right Hand

Left Hand