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ROSTOCK MAX™ v3 Desktop 3D Printer DIY Kit

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This product has been discontinued

discontinued 2017


With nearly half the hardware and twice the high strength molded parts, the RostockMAX v3 goes together quicker than any of our previous DIY delta kits.  We've combined years of delta printer know-how and combined it with our amazing community of users feedback and designed what we think is the ultimate RostockMAX DIY Kit.  Check out the now-standard features below to see for yourself.

  • HE280 Hotend that uses a 40w heater cartridge and all-metal design.  The hotend also features thermal runaway protection by using a thermal fuse mounting in the heat sink to monitor temps and kill all power to the heater in the event of any over temp condition.  PTFE liner stops at the heat break and allows even PLA to print up to 250c, and allows any material up to 280c.  
  • Accelorometer Probe is built into the v3's HE280 hotend mount and platform.  Simple automated calibration of your printer is now just a click away!  Using the same type of accelorometer found in many smartphones, the head can detect when it's touched the build surface with no user input needed.  Changing print surfaces no longer requires touching off with paper or other methods.  Simply click calibrate and let the machine do the rest.  Probing compensates for endstop offset, horizontal radius and overall Z height
  • Onyx heated bed mount allows for the bed to 'float' under the glass and prevents any warping and print surface distortion caused by the heated beds deflection at different temperatures.  The bed clips also make removal and installation of print surfaces easy and fast
  • EZR Struder comes with all Rostock MAX v3 printers.  Our extruder design allows for faster print speeds with increased pressure on the filament drive as well as a low friction feed path which is fully constrained for printing flexible filaments
  • 3 Part cooling fans move loads of air to cool your parts that require cooling, such as PLA, from all directions.  No more single fan cooling that leaves the other side fuzzy

Here's what you'll need to assemble your own Rostock MAX v3:

  • Approximately 10hr assembly time
  • Standard Allen wrench set
  • Metric Allen Wrench Set
  • Needle nose and/or small pliers
  • Wire crimping tool
  • Solder and soldering iron
  • Standard and Phillips Screwdrivers

Printer Specs:

  • 265mm D x 400mm H Print Area
  • Minimum Recommended Layer Height w/.5mm nozzle of .1mm
  • Maximum Recommended Layer Height w/.5mm nozzle of .4mm
  • Power Requirements 110v or 220v (input power selectable) @ 350 watts
  • Max Heated Bed Temp 100C
  • Max Hotend Temp 280C
  • Max Recommended Printing Speed @.2mm Layer Height 100mm/s
  • Max Travel Speed 300mm/s