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Rostock MAX Ball-Cup Delta Arm Kit

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These new Rostock MAX ball cup injection molded arms feature precise fit without modification! They are designed to work flawlessly with our new injection molded carriages.  Spring loaded tension eliminates any backlash and also makes assembly a 'snap', literally!  The arms are also longer at 290mm to give better reach and resolution out at the extremes of the Rostock's print area.  This does decrease overall print height but the increase in print area and strength are well worth the loss of about 1" in height.

You must have the new style injection molded carriages already in order to use these arms.  They have the features to attach the ball joint mechanisms on them already.  If you DON'T have them, you will need them to install these arms.  Click HERE to order the new style carriages.

Includes the following parts in each kit:

  • 6 - 290mm Ball Joint Arms (molded)
  • 6 - Ball Joints for the new injection molded carriages and platforms (molded)
  • 3 - Hotend Platform Spacers (aluminum)
  • 6 - Tension Springs for ball joint arms (molded)
  • 3 - 6-32 x 1 3/4" Phillips pan head stainless screws
  • 3 - 6-32 Nylon stainless lock nut
  • 6 - #4 x 3/8" stainless sheet metal screws
  • 6 - #4 SAE stainless flat washer
  • 1 - Ball Joint style platform (molded)
  • 1 - Small zip tie

Assembly Required, Check out the How-To Assembly Guide