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RAMBO Electronics controller

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These are the electronic control boards used on all our Rostock MAX and ORION machines.  Designed and manufactured by UltiMachine in Tennessee USA, they are the #1 most dependable 3D printer control board available.  Easily expandable outputs for modification to fit in most any 3D printers.


  • All-In-One PCB
  • Motor connections to the board
  • Easily replaceable fuses for hot-end and heated bed
  • 5 Allegro (1/16 microstepping) stepper drivers on board, ready for dual-extruders!
  • 2 connections for Z axis if you have a dual Z motor machine
  • Firmware controlled digipot motor current adjustment (No more Pots to adjust/break)
  • Separate power inputs for hot-end, heated bed and motors/board logic
  • Long Endstop wires (66" each)

  The RAMBo comes with mechanical end stops, USB cable and all the connectors needed for up to 5 steper motors, thermistor wiring and connectors for all power input and outputs.  We've tested with different firmware and configurations, including Marlin and Repetier in both cartesian and Delta configurations and this board is definately the most stable arduino compatible electronics board on the market.    

Linux and Mac use CDC interface and have hardware driver built in.
Windows hardware driver: RAMBo_USBdriver.zip

 Here's a link to the RAMBo Manual