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The PartDaddy Large Format Delta 3D Printer

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SeeMeCNC's large format delta 3D printers. Introduced in 2014, these machines are custom engineered to meet your build volume requirements. The printer is designed to lay thicker, coarse layers to achieve large 3D prints in a relatively short period of time. A life-size print of a boy took 24-36 hours. A clock tower 9 feet (3 meters) tall in 36 hours. A statue 6 foot (2 meter) in 60 hours.

See pics of our PartDaddy Delta 3D Printer for examples of what we can build for you. Commercial construction includes improved rigid frame construction. Your build will have industrial components such as electrical enclosures, electrical connectors, LED part lighting, limit switches, solid state electrical components, and more.  Purchase will include onsite installation (contiguous 48 states) and a day of training with your staff. 



  • extrudes PLA resin pellets
  • extruder nozzles 4mm to 6mm
  • prints layers 1.5mm thick to 3mm thick
  • standard extrusion width 4mm to 5mm
  • extrudes 2lbs to 4lbs per hour
  • capable tolerance up to 0.04" (1mm) or better 
  • aluminum frame construction
  • computer included with software pre-configured and installed
  • low cost / no cost 3D printing software (we encourage donations)
  • only requires 120VAC 20A single phase power
  • onsite installation (48 states) included
  • warrantied 90 days onsite parts & labor
  • onsite one day training included (48 states)


Configuration Examples (print volume / building ceiling height)

  • pictures show 44 inch diameter x 114 inches tall / 19 foot ceiling height
  • 72 inch diameter x 96 inches tall / 18 foot ceiling height
  • 96 inch diameter x 50 inches tall / 18 foot ceiling height


Please send quote request to:  steve @seemecnc .com