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Hotend HE300HM

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The SeeMeCNC Hole Mount hotend features all SeeMeCNC machined parts. The hotend design has been used for over 4 years in our machines. 

This product is not "bolt-on" ready. The wires will need connectors and possible soldering. 

The internal filament passage is lined with PTFE tubing, allowing smooth jam free PLA printing.  Good for PLA and PET, Nylon, ABS, Flexibles and more. The recommended maximum upper operating temperature of this hotend is 300C. 

Use the included JST PH2 connectors and heat shrink for wiring connections to the fan and thermistor. Plugging these in all easier servicing and replacement. 

The higher power for the heater cartridge uses the male and female crimp connections.





  • Nozzles for SE and HE hotends click here
  • Custom printer builds
  • Direct drive applications
  • 12VDC Power (fan and heater)
  • SeeMeCNC Jet for high temperature 
  • Update original Rostock Max v1 or v2:  This will mount to 1/4" thick platform by using the included 44mm Long PTFE 2mm ID x 4mm OD tube
  • May be used as spare parts for all HE300 and SE300 hotends


Product Name:


 HE = hotend

300 = Celcius

HM = Hole Mount

SKU 71268