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Filament Runout Switch for EZR Struder™

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Filament Runout Switch

for EZR Struder™ 


The switch easily snaps onto SeeMeCNC EZR Struders. No tools required for mounting to the EZR Struder. The snap on design allows quick installation and removal should you need to service the extruder or clear dust. 

The switch is normally open (N.O.) when filament is present and closes when filament is removed. Should you decide to bypass the switch, simply unplug it. 

Features a 4mm PTC bowden input fitting and partial input tube. This is very useful for hook up to a dry box. 



The switch presently supports all models of SeeMeCNC printers with Duet controllers. We have grouped by wiring length if you need the wire harness for connection. 

  • Fits all SeeMeCNC EZR Struders part no 70699
  • Wired to Normally Closed (N.C.) switch contacts
    • Normally Open (N.O.) = filament present
    • Unplug the switch = bypass without control changes
  • 500mm Long Wire Harness
    • Rostock Max v3.2
    • Rostock Max v4
  • 1700mm Long Wire Harness
    • Artemis 300
    • BOSSdelta 300
    • BOSSdelta™ 500
  • Will work with many other brand of 3D printers however we do not test all printers. Snaps onto the side of the EZR where filament enters. Please check clearance as it may not fit onto every printer. We will not have answers how our product fits other brand 3D printers. Please review the source, YouTube, or otherwise. We do not guarantee fit and function for any brand except SeeMeCNC brand 3D printers. 


Installation Guide

The following guide will help you install this on SeeMeCNC machines using the Duet3D Duet2 controllers. 




  • BOSSdelta™ 300/500 printers sold after April 01, 2021 have the wiring harness pre-installed. Check for an unused 3-position KK connector zip-tied to the extruder mount.
  • We are not able to provide technical support for non SeeMeCNC products.