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SeeMeCNC EZR Struder™

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The EZR Struder™ for bowden extruder machines features our same great quality construction as our original EZ Struder but adds ease of use features like better flexible filament compatibility and an easier to load input area.  

Have one of our EZ Struders on your RostockMAX, Orion Delta or Eris?  No Problem!  It's designed to be a bolt on replacement to any of our previous machines.  It ships with our PTC adapter that utilizes a full pass through PTFE tubing connector allowing the bowden tube to line nearly the entire extruder for less friction.  Also in the EZR Struder is a much more constrained filament path.  This allows printing of softer materials at much higher speeds and with virtually no chance for the filament to get bound up in the extruder assembly.

Available with and without one of our high torque NEMA 17 76oz. stepper motors (standard equipment on all extruders with all our current printers and most all of our previous models as well).  Make sure to choose the option above when you add it to your cart.

Check out the Assembly/Installation guides

  • designed for all filaments including flexible filaments
  • fits NEMA 17 size stepper motors
  • includes M3 motor mounting screws
  • optimized for all types of 1.75mm diameter filaments
  • for use with 4mm O.D. PTFE tubing
  • includes high quality push-to-connect (PTC) fitting
  • THREE pieces of PTC locking clips (black piece looks like wrench)
  • high quality materials and construction
  • backward compatible with all SeeMeCNC printers
  • Tools needed for installation: 2mm Hex Key Allen Wrench (not included) *NOTE EZR's purchased before 2019-DEC-16 use 1.5mm Hex Key for Hob Gear. 



  • SeeMeCNC Printers, Eris, H2, Orion, RostockMax v1, v2, v3, v3.2, v4
  • Not compatible with glow in the dark filaments
  • SeeMeCNC BOSSdelta series 
  • Will work with many other brand of 3D printers however we do not test all printers. Fits the 5mm shaft of standard Nema 17 size stepper motors found on nearly all hobby and home DIY 3D printers. We will not have answers how our product fits other brand 3D printers. Please review the source, YouTube, or otherwise. We do not guarantee fit and function for any brand except SeeMeCNC brand 3D printers. 
  • The handwheel (a.k.a. Knob). Not all steppers are machined with the same flat. These tend to fit our stepper motors better, however may not in some cases fit the motor of 3rd parties. We can not "warranty" knobs unless this is being used on a SeeMeCNC product.




  • We do not provide technical support for custom installations on non SeeMeCNC products. Use at your own risk. 
  • Remember to modify steps per mm if you are using this in a non-SeeMeCNC 3D printer.
  • Tighten M4 set screw against flat of motor shaft. If your stepper motor does not have a flat on the shaft, the set screw may need sanded flush to properly clear the plastic housing.