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Ball Cup Arm Ends 3/8" (qty. one)

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One Ball Cup Arm End - Size 3/8"

Ball Cup Ends used to make our carbon fiber arms.  When used 50mm between centers, the ball cup fits our injection molded spring. The ball of the spring is engineered to properly swivel in the parallel configuration while applying constant and even force on the ball cups. 



  • One Injection Molded arm end (two required to make one arm)
  • As pictured showing top and bottom sides



  • SeeMeCNC Precision Injection Molding in our factory
  • Nylon Ball Cup End, durable, UV stable
  • ABS cover / trim piece



  • For precision carbon fiber tube 8mm ID x 10mm OD
  • Fitting ball 0.375 inch diameter
  • The mating ball is nominal 3/8", typically we are at limit or 0.0005" under. 
  • Fitting 50mm center to center tension spring 



  • BOSSdelta 300
  • BOSSdelta 500
  • Artemis 300
  • RostockMAX v4, v3.2, v3, v2, v1
  • Orion
  • H2

Manufactured at SeeMeCNC in the U.S.A.