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AC Bed Heater Kit 300mm Dia

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A/C Power Bed Kit

Install and use at your own risk. You are responsible for safely covering AC power wires leading to the heated bed assembly. We are providing parts only and no advice how to properly insulate a user from electric shock or fire hazard. 

This part kit provides all components necessary to upgrade your RostockMAX v3, v3.2 DC heated bed.  This kit features a 350W AC bed and aluminum heat spreader plate. The silicone heater, heat spreader, and bed clamps are pre-installed.

This kit is not "bolt on" and there may be a few things you'll need to figure out on your own.  AC Heaters are NOT refundable and are NOT covered by warranty. Tested before they leave the factory. To date, we have zero defects.



Click here to review RostockMAX v3 / v3.2 installation.



    • Silicone Industrial heater with adhesive back
    • Anodized & Laser Etched SeeMeCNC Heat Spreader
    • SSR  (solid state relay)
    • thermistor & pcb with Molex connectors and wiring
    • wiring
    • terminals
    • hardware



    • RostockMAX v3.2 (Duet Controller)
    • RostockMAX v3 (RAMBo Controller)
    • RostockMAX v2 (RAMBo Controller)
    • RostockMAX v1 (RAMBo Controller)