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5 inch Touch Screen Controller Kit for Artemis 300

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The color touch screen controller is made for the Artemis 300. The full color touch screen provides information and control at the printer. The screen also has an SD card slot which gives you the option of printing from the SD card rather than uploading your files over WiFi. This touch screen controller eliminates the need for a WiFi connection. All hardware included allows you to assembled the printed enclosure and mount to the Artemis 300 as pictured.


Choose the option to purchase a 3D printed enclosure and setup faster. The enclosure is an optional add-on and we print them on a Artemis or RostockMAX v3.2 using Atomic filament.


Or, print your own enclosure for this kit. See the following instructions:

click here to see the assembly and installation guide




  • 5 inch diagonal size touch screen
  • plug and play, no firmware or software required
  • power supplied from host control board
  • splash screen SeeMeCNC
  • SD card slot (SD card NOT included)



  • Artemis 300
  • Duet Controllers



  • 5 inch Touch Display Controller
  • cables for connection
  • mounting hardware (optional enclosure)