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3 way PTC Bowden Y filament 2 into 1 for 4mm OD Tubing KIT

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Experiment with 2 into 1 printing with this universal adapter. 

This is not a replacement for any SeeMeCNC printer at this time.  SeeMeCNC hotends use SKU 70630


These adapters are made for use with 4mm O.D. tubing only.  They come with 4mm PTC (push to connect) cartridge fittings and our PTC lanyards to prevent backlash of the PTC itself. The tiny nylon lanyards secure the PTFE tubing in the PTC fitting improving print quality.



  • PTC locking clips for 4mm tube fittings
  • Dual Y Assembly 
  • 3pcs of 4mm tube fitting in all three openings
  • hardware for assembly

No other parts are included.  This is the Y Adapter piece only. PTFE Bowden tube sold separately.



  • Experimental for your DIY projects