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20X4 LCD 3D Printer Controller

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This is the 20X4 LCD 3D Printer controller we use in Orion, RostockMAX v1, v2, v3, and H2 machines. Also can be used for RepRap 3D printers. With this controller you can control your machine without USB connection to your PC.  The 20x4 screen has a built-in SD card reader. 

Optional enclosure and RAMBo adapter sold separately.

 Color may vary. 


  • 20X4 LCD Controller w/card reader built-in
  • Knob
  • SD Card reader
  • 2pcs of 10 Pin (5x2) Cables for connection


Optional Accessories sold separately

  • 26720  enclosure
  • 26711  RAMBo adapter for 20x4 LCD
  • 26700  replacement 10 pin cables