20X4 LCD 3D Printer Controller

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20X4 LCD 3D Printer controller for RepRap and other 3D printers.  With this controller you can control your machine standalone without needing to be tied to your PC with a USB cable.  You simply slice your file, and save the Gcode to the included SD card either using a USB cable connected to your board or simply remove the SD from the controller and plug it into your PC. 

These controllers are handy for moving your hotend around, storing prints on the included SD card and printing standalone without having to be connected to a PC.

Be sure to choose the option if you need a RAMBo adapter for these LCD's.  If using the newer mini-RAMBo, we are now shipping with a version of mini-RAMBo that does not need this adapter.  For other setups, you may need to make your own adapter cable from the cables provided.


  • 20X4 LCD Controller
  • Knob for the selector encoder
  • SD Card (micro w/ full size adapter)
  • 2 10 Pin Cables to connect to your electronics
  • includes a black injection molded enclosure to mount it cleanly to your machine if needed
  • Red molded reset button for the enclosure
  • (8) #4 x 3/8" Stainless mounting screws for the included enclosure