2 Into 1 Dual Filament Feed Adapter FITTING ONLY

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Dual extrusion adapters for single nozzle printing are available now.  

These are still in development - Be ready to troubleshoot firmware/software configuration for your setup when purchasing these adapters.

With our Dual Filament Feed Adapters you can feed and print in 2 different materials or colors with one single nozzle.  These adapters are injection molded from clear ABS material so you can see whats happening when changing filaments for easy troubleshooting as well.

Dual extrusion with two colors lets you create more colorful prints.  Add accent colors to your models and colorize your text or other features.

Dual extrusion of different materials allows you to print models with flexible features AND rigid features in one model for instance.  You can also print your model with one material and take advantage of some of the dissolveable support materials now available for ABS, PLA and other materials.

These adapters are made for use with 1.75mm filament only.  They come with 4mm PTC cartridge fittings and our PTC lanyards to prevent backlash and lock the fittings on to the PTFE tubing.  


  • PTC Lanyards locking clips
  • Dual Feed Adapter with pre-installed PTC cartridge fittings

No other parts are included.  This is the Y Adapter piece only