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12 Volt 29 Amp DC Power Supply

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This 12 volt power supply is rated at 350 watts and features a selector switch for 110/220VAC 60Hz.  It has an internal built in cooling fan, three output terminals for the 12 volt output and an adjustment for the DC output voltage. 



There are 4 mounting screw holes in the bottom as well as 4 mounting screw holes on the sides allowing the power supply to be securely mounted using M4 x 0.7 screws.

It is your responsibility to ensure screws do not protrude into the power supply more than 4mm from the outside mounting surface of the power supply. 




Improper use of this product may cause injury, fire, or product damage not covered by warranty. We do not have any recommendations for applications other than SeeMeCNC 3D printers manufactured by SeeMeCNC. Use at your own risk.