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Eris Firmware Update Instructions

These instructions will walk you through step by step how to update your Eris® 3D printer to the newest firmware to take advantage of the new online Delta Calibration Wizard.


  • Windows PC 
  • MatterControl

Step 1

Download this pre-configured file: (Right click on the link and choose SAVE LINK AS... then choose where you would like to save the file) ERIS HEX Update

Step 2

Connect your Eris® to your PC with a USB cable on turn the power switch on.  Make sure you are not connected to MatterControl or any other software.

Step 3

Visit http://russemotto.com/xloader/ and download the XLoader.zip file.  Once downloaded extract the .zip file.

Step 4

In the extracted folder open/launch the XLoader application.  In the top right corner of the XLoader window click the small square to the right of the "Hex file" box and navigate to the Eris.hex zip file and select it.  Now under the "Device" tab click the drop down window and choose Mega(ATMEGA2560).  Next click the drop down window for the COM port and select your printers COM port.  Leave the Baudrate to the default 115200, but if for some reason it's set to something else, type in 115200 in the box. 

Step 5

Now click the "Upload" button in XLoader.  It may take a minute but the program is now flashing your Eris® with the newest firmware file.   Once XLoader is done uplaoding close the app and now open MatterControl and connect to your Eris®.

Step 6

Once connected to your printer go to Settings & Controls>Options and then click on Show Terminal.  This will open a new window where you can manually send Gcode to your machine.  Type G28 and press the send button.  Your machine will home and be ready for the next step

Step 7

Type M502 in the terminal window and press send.  This will reset your printers eeprom to the new defaults form the firmware you just uploaded

Step 8

Type M500 in the terminal window and press send.  This stores these new values into your default eeprom settings.

Step 9

Check and make sure your nozzle and bed are clean and then type G29 and press send.  This will now let the printer run through it's onboard probing process.  

You've just flashed new firmware and re-calibrated your Eris® 3D printer.  Now go print something awesome!