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RostockMAX v2 Factory Improvements

RostockMAX v2 Factory Improvements

We are often asked about updating the 2014 RostockMAX v2.  While we discontinued v2 to v3 frame kits in 2018, there are a few factory parts improvements available which make a big difference in print quality.

Whenever possible, we would engineer new designs and parts to be reverse compatible with earlier generations.  The links below take you to the products on our website.  Be sure to read and review product descriptions for other links and instructions. 


Linear Motion

Originally, we had a universal joint design.  While pretty good back then, the universal joint design is not very good by todays standard.  A new ball joint design was in the works by the end of 2014.  The new ball cup design significantly improved print quality and eliminated nearly all maintenance.

  • Ball Cup Arms 
  • Platform  (If you are updating to the HE280 probing hotend, then you do not need this component. See the next section of this post.
  • Carriages



Originally the RostockMAX v2 shipped with a our original hotend design called the "Bowden Hotend". Around the time we worked on ball joints, we also worked on the new HE280 hotend design around the same time we made ball joint arms.