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Z probes and bed leveling are a common discussion among 3d printer users and the same holds true for us here at SeeMeCNC. Finding the right tools to guarantee a user experience that is simple, intuitive, cost effective and will deliver results with as little hassle as possible is something that we all expect from 3d printing technologies. Delta style printers are convenient because with a fixed print bed, users should only have to experience calibrating the printer once after the completion of the build or first unboxing, and not have to face this task again. Sometimes though, it just...

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3d printing, contest, halloween -

For the past month we've had a contest running for our community members to show us their best Halloween related 3D prints.  All they had to do to enter was post their work to our forum. It must have been either their own or someone elses design that they 3D printed, so long as it was an open source licensed design (no -NC).  And what they came up with are some pretty amazing prints!  Here's a quick rundown of all the entrants and their prints: The first entrant was member RAMTechRob with this Makies Jack-O-Lantern he found on thingiverse.  It was printed...

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