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SeeMeCNC Bowden Hotend

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All Rostock MAX v1 & v2 and Orion machines ship with this hot end

Replacement for all Rostock MAX v1 and v2 as well as Orion 3D printers shipped through August 31, 2016.


Click here for the HE280 probing hotend shipping with Rostock MAX v3 and Orions after Sept 1, 2016


Includes the following:

  • Standard "old style" bowden .5mm nozzle
  • Four 6.8ohm heating resistors
  • One thermistor (100k)
  • Some tiny PTFE insulating tube for thermistor
  • Two feet of 2mm ID Teflon Tubing
  • Two 4mm PTC quick connect fittings
  • Four Heavy Crimps


What you need to complete:

  • RTV high temperature silicone or thermal epoxy
  • solder & soldering iron or crimp connectors for thermistor/heater wiring


Assembly Instructions: