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BOSSdelta™ 500 3D Printer

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SeeMeCNC large format 3D printers will meet your business needs for commercial 3D printing through price, performance, and reliability. Large 20.5" (520mm) diameter AC powered heated bed.

The BOSSdelta™ 500 is  currently our largest desktop machine. The 500 series BOSSdelta has 1/2 meter (500mm) diameter build plate.  Model 0505 is a desktop machine with 1/2 meter tall build height.  And models 0510 and 0521 are floor models with 1 meter and 2.1 meter build heights respectively.  


The  BOSSdelta features our new eSlide linear motion system.  The eSlide™ linear motion solution is engineered and manufactured in-house.  The heart of our linear motion design began in 2012, when we designed our first high accuracy, lower cost linear motion system for the RostockMAX series 3D printers.  With years of proven performance, low maintenance, reliability, and accuracy, the new eSlide™ motion system is designed with commercial use in mind. The unique wire cable to belt drive system provides accurate positioning of the hotend platform. 

We didn't stop with our reliable linear motion system. The updated hotend features a newer heater block and nozzle design called the XST-SE300 series. The XST-SE300 hotend assembly for the BOSSdelta™ has a larger melt zone with improved performance for melting many popular thermoplastics. PLA, Carbon Fiber PETG, PETG, ABS, Nylons. The XST-SE300 hotend is designed for 280C maximum operating temperature. 

Solid automatic probing and calibration. The XST-SE300 hotend control board contains an integrated strain gauge sensor.  The nozzle taps the build surface for highest accuracy when changing nozzles or print bed glass.  The carbon fiber arms rigidly connect the hotend platform to the carriage slides.  The print surface (bed) is borosilicate glass and can easily handle 110C temperatures from the 800W industrial heater. The bed heats the glass build plate from room temperature to 60C in about 4 minutes and 110C in approximately 12 minutes. 

The 7 inch touchscreen controller is removable so the printer can be operated at print bed level.  This is useful for custom setup or making adjustments on the fly while being eye level with the nozzle during printing. 

The BOSSdelta 32 bit control now uses Ethernet connection, not wireless.  Connect securely to internal networks via standard network cables. The printers console screen will display the assigned IP address. Any IT department will appreciate the ease of custom setup by entering their own specific MAC address and IP data for connectivity. From a computer web browser on your network, simply enter the IP address of the printer to display the intranet web control panel.



The BOSSprinter™ series
by SeeMeCNC®. 


Model BOSSdelta™ 0505
  • Print area 1/2 Meter Diameter by 1/2 Meter Tall
  • Actual print area is 500mm Dia x 580mm H center (500mm H edge)
  • XST SE300 Hotend
  • XST nozzles, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 1.0mm
  • EZR Struder Filament Drives
  • Dual Extrusion Standard
  • 32 bit Control with Ethernet Network Connectivity
  • eSlide SeeMeCNC Linear Motion System
  • Power Requirements 120VAC Single Phase 10A
  • 800W AC Heated Bed - Heavy Aluminum Heat Spreader
  • Overall Machine Dimensions 31.5" Wide x 29" Deep x 55" Tall
  • One Year Warranty 
Model BOSSdelta™ 0510
  • Printable Area is 1/2 Meter Diameter by 1 Meter Tall
  • Overall Machine Dimensions 31.5" Wide x 29" Deep x 75" Tall
  • All other specifications same as above


Model BOSSdelta™ 0521
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  • Printable Area is 1/2 Meter Diameter by 2.1 Meter Tall
  • Overall Machine Dimensions 31.5" Wide x 29" Deep x 118" Tall
  • Single Extrusion Only
  • We recommend securing this machine to the floor or a wall or post
  • All other specifications same as above
Made in the U.S.A.
Ligonier, Indiana