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PTFE Tubing 2mm ID x 4mm OD x 12"(305mm)L

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This is the PTFE tubing used for our bowden extruder feed tubes as well as the inner liner of the hot ends.  This size is used with 1.75mm diameter filament and we use a supplier who uses the highest quality PTFE. 


Example of quantity 7 ordered:  

  • You will receive one piece 7 feet ( 1778mm) Long. 



  • 2mm ID
  • 4mm OD
  • Sold by the foot (12 inches or 305mm)



Order the quantity specified then cut to length. Double check before cutting.

  • BOSSdelta 300 X1=710mm/X2=710mm (order qty 3 = 915mmL)
  • Artemis cut to X1=710mm/X2=710mm (order qty 3 = 915mmL)
  • RostockMAX ALL MODELS  X1=710 mm (order qty 3) 
  • BOSSdelta 0505 X1=950mm/X2=1100mm (order qty 7) 
  • BOSSdelta 0510 X1=1400mm/X2=1550mm (order qty 10) 
  • Orion cut 625mm (order qty 3 = 915mmL)