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Carbon Fiber Arms 340.5mm Set of Six

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SeeMeCNC Carbon Fiber Arm Set

Our carbon fiber arms are precision built on fixtures for exact length matching. They provide 30g weight reduction, however more importantly more rigidity. We use a heavy duty 10mm OD carbon fiber tubing for superior performance. The end pieces are injection molded right here at SeeMeCNC and of our own design.  The ball cup ends of these arms fit all SeeMeCNC printers listed below which have ball joint carriages. 

We offer two carbon fiber choices. Both will perform equally as well. The twill carbon fiber has a higher raw material cost. Both carbon fiber choices have a flat matte black finish and provide increase rigidity when used in conjunction with our metal ball joints. 

The center to center distance of the ball cups is 340.5mm.  These arms are slightly longer than arms for the RostockMAX series, so the maximum printable height will be shorter.  For the Artemis, these arms are slightly shorter, which will increase the printable height by approximately 10mm or more.



  • Artemis 300
  • RostockMAX v2, v3, v3.2, v4 (with ball joints)
  • 70890, 70855, 84996



  • 6 Carbon Fiber Arms
  • 12 Ball Springs


 Note: The configuration file (Duet config.g) must be updated with the proper diagonal rod length.