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1.75 mm Bright White Opaque PETG Atomic Filament 1kg Spool

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Atomic Filament Bright White Opaque PETG PRO

Atomic Filament White PETG prints an intense bright white & no yellow tones like some other PETG products on the market.  PETG is a newer printing filament and has the advantage of printing easily like PLA, but offering higher temp and impact resistance like ABS.  Nearly ZERO warpage prints , extremely strong layer bonds , little to no odor at all.


Quality / Specs

Print nozzle temp -  232 - 245C

Heated Bed temp - 60 - 70c

Diameter (volumetric variation XY combined) + - 0.04mm or better

Roundness ( ovality ) + - 0.03 mm or better