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Refurbished ERIS® Delta Desktop 3D Printer RTP™

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Limited stock, 90 day warranty. These printers are factory refurbished to perfect working order. 


Download the User Guide

Here's a link to download our default starting settings for mattercontrol as well as calibration, loading and unloading of filament scripts to use.  DOWNLOAD ERIS SETTINGS HERE.   By default, mattercontrol already has some eris settings, but they are not optimized for the current production machines.  Please import the settings from the included link above and start with those.




Meet ERIS® by SeeMeCNC®  

The ERIS® has a build area of over 4.9" (124mm)  in diameter and 6-1/2" (165mm) tall, it packs a lot of print size in a small and portable package.  

Don't let the small size and price tag fool you though!  It has features that even some of the much more expensive machines don't have.  Our hardened and treated linear motion system will never need replacing or maintenance.  Featuring our quick change HE280 hotend and nozzle system the ERIS® allows you to simply unplug one connector, pop off the ball joint arms and replace the whole platform with an entirely different hotend. The HE280 hotend platform totally simplifies the process of changing the business end of your 3D printer. The HE280 features a unique accelerometer probe design to calibrate the machine automatically in just a little over a minute. Changing nozzles, or the entire hotend, is easily achieved and fun to watch. We're confident you'll find our innovative metal HE280 hotend enjoyable to use.

The ERIS® is the first in our line of 3D Printers to be a truly RTP™ (ready-to-print) 3D printer.  From opening the box and unpacking the included tools and cables to plugging in the power and USB and launching the software you should be able to be up and printing in a matter of minutes.  The software comes with a few files already prepared to get you printing so you can take your time reading the manual and learning all about your ERIS® Delta 3D printer.

The build plate of the ERIS® Delta is easily removable and is held down with 3 rotating bed clips and an easy access notch to help lift it off the base.  All ERIS® Delta's ship with a borosilicate glass build plate with a custom build surface laminate pre-installed.  This build surface makes printing with PLA, PETG and other materials such as the blended PLA's a breeze!  No mess, no cleaning glue or tape off the bed or prints.  However, if you've ever used any of the other methods for part adhesion and want to try them out on your ERIS® Delta, simply flip the hold down clamps and turn the bed over and you've got a perfectly flat boro glass plate to work with too! We sell replacement/spare build surface sheets HERE


Eris Details

  • Convenient carry handle
  • RTP™ (ready-to-print) out of the box
  • Uses 1.75mm Non-Proprietary Filament
  • Spool holder accomodates most available filament spools
  • Build volume of over 4.9" dia x 6.5" tall
  • High quality plastics and composite frame
  • HE280 metal hotend with acceleromter probe (Limited to 240c for ERIS® Safety)
  • Built-in probe provides automatic calibration
  • Mini-RAMBo 3D printer control board by UltiMachine
  • USB connection, Windows and MAC compatible
  • Machine overall dimensions (no filament spool) 9-1/2" (240mm) dia x 17-1/2" (444mm)
  • Shipping dimensions 13" x 13" x 23" tall  (330mm x 330mm x 584mm tall)
  • Power requirements 100-240VAC 50-60Hz 2Amp


Made in the U.S.A.

In our factory ;)