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Raspberry Pi WiFi 3D Printer Kit

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This kit ships with the Raspberry pi 3 Model B now!

Wireless 3D printing has never been this easy.  And now you can DIY with this Raspberry Pi kit.  Using AstroPrint or OctoPrint you can set up your own wireless (or wired via the ethernet connector) print server.  This kit comes with the Raspberry Pi 3 and a 5v power adapter to get you started.  We also have a great tutorial on setting up your Raspberry Pi with AstroPrint.  Just follow the link here to see the tutorial.  

Currently AstroPrint & OctoPrint both support most open-source 3D printers that use Marlin or Repetier firmware, such as our Rostock MAX and Orion Delta 3D printers.  AstroPrint can be used with either their integrated cloud slicing that uses Slic3r and Cura, or you can send your own pre-sliced Gcode files to it.  OctoPrint uses your own sliced Gcode files.  Either way, you can still keep creating your sliced print files with whichever software you like and simply send them to your 3D printer over any network connection. 

Included with this kit:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • 5 Volt USB power adapter (US Plug only)

Here's what you'll need to set it up:

  • Micro USB cable
  • 4GB (or larger) MicroSD Card
  • USB cable to connect your 3D printer to the Pi

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