Prusa i3 Lasercut Melamine Frame

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 The new Prusa i3 by Josef Prusa of reprap fame is now available to the world.  And, with fewer parts than ever, a simplified framework that eliminates the triangles and threaded rod of the past, it's sure to make for a great evolution in the mendel designs. 

  One of the key parts of this frame is that it is made from a flat plate that anchors the rest of the machine's parts and pieces.  We love the design, but to make the frame from aluminum was a little expensive. So, we offer you our Lasercut melamine laminate alternative.  It is a .270" thick material, with melamine on both faces, and a wood core.  Don't let the wood part fool you though, this stuff is super strong thanks to the laminated surfaces.

  Since this is a fairly new design, and iterations are being made "on the fly" by most people building them, we wanted to make these as universal as possible.  The biggest controversial design was hardware size/type.  So, in an effort to make the best, most universal part for you, we just simply mark the centers of where the hardware needs to go, and you drill the holes for your hardware of choice.  The melamine will take a thread itself fairly nice, if you tap it, then use thin super glue "wicked" into the threads to strengthen them.



  This kit includes the frame itself, the two new side supports and the Y axis bed mount.


sgrabers github for the new prusa i3 LC w/support sides in .dxf format


If you are looking for a source for the Printed Parts for the new i3 design, please head on over to our local printed parts guy, sgraber.  Here's a link to his ebay store where he sells printed parts for the i3 as well as other parts and pieces.

i3 Printed Parts by sgraber