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Proto Pasta Carbon Fiber 1.75mm PLA 3D Printer Filament .5kg Spool

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Stiff, Carbon Fiber for for the masses.  Working with most machines...no heated bed required!

Proto-Pasta Carbon Fiber Reinforced PLA is made from PLA Resin compounded with 15% by weight short chopped Carbon Fibers. It is designed to be stiff, or to resist bending. It is the stiffest material we offer and makes parts with an incredibly solid feel..

Appearance is black with a metallic shimmer in direct light.

Properties such as stiffness are improved.  Slightly more brittle than standard PLA, CFPLA requires extra care when handling. 

Processing is comparable to standard PLA.  No heated bed required.  Due to increased brittleness, process may be less consistent on smaller nozzles and/or bowden type machines.

In our experience, good results were achieved when printing at 190C-210C using a .5mm nozzle and direct-drive spring loaded pinch-roll style extrusion head.  Layer adhesion was excellent and warpage was low.

**This filament more abrasive than standard PLA. Prolonged use may result in more wear on your 3D printer, particularly lower-end nozzles.