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NAZE32 Acro Rev 6 Flight Controller

  • $2900
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The popular NAZE 32 acro Flight Controller by AbuseMarK is our go-to choice for all of our multirotor builds.  Features include battery monitoring, buzzer output, up to 16v input, LED status indicators and a super friendly Chrome App for configuring your firmware.  Runs BaseFlight or CleanFlight Firmware.  Color may vary based on production by abusemark.  

These are GENUINE naze boards direct from Abusemark not clones

  • Genuine boards straight from the designer
  • Right angle pin headers for compact installations included (no straight pins included)
  • Up to 16v input to power the board
  • vBat monitoring capable of up to 35v input
  • USB on right side of boards now with rev6!
  • All pinouts are now thru-hole not pads
  • Sat. pads are thru hole
  • Integrates with MANY other multirotor and FPV accesories

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