H2 Delta 3D Printer Build-A-Kit

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The H2 Build A Kit lets you pick and choose what components you want in your kit leaving you with even more options to create a customized 3D printer.

Please read about our Hacker Series Machines before purchasing this kit.

Printed parts shown are not included.  Choose the options below to configure your kit and determine which components you want included in your kit.

Download the 3D printable parts from our GitHub Page 

For more information on the H2 3D Printer Kit see the product page for our full DIY kit.  Use the assembly manual to build this build a kit as you would with a full kit.

The base H2 Build A Kit comes complete with all the mechanical parts and hardware to build the frame of an H2.  It includes 4 of our NEMA 17 high torque stepper motors as well as our EZR-Struder extruder.  With the base kit and no options selected you will need to include your own hotend, electronic control board and power supply.  Or, choose from the options below and have these items shipped in your build a kit package.

Machine Color Option

Our H2 kits come in two colors of frame parts - Black or White

Hotend Option

Choose to include our HE280™ Hotend with auto-leveling probe AND the wiring whip you'll need to connect it* (see notes below)


Electronics Controller Option

Choose either the 4 axis Mini-RAMBo or full 5 axis RAMBo electronics controller as well as a 20 X 4 LCD Controller with SD card reader.  Choosing Either the Mini-RAMBo or Full RAMBo will automatically include a 12 volt 6.7 amp power supply and connector kit.  The Mini-RAMBo supports one hotend and extruder only.  It does have heated bed outputs if you want to design your own heated bed solution later down the road as well.  The Full RAMBo supports two hotends, two extruder motors and heated bed options as well.  

While BOTH controller options support heated beds we do not offer it in a kit with a heated bed.  If you check around on our forums and Practical Printing's YouTube Channel you will find others have purchased one of our Orion Delta Heated Beds and fabricated mounts and using a different power supply they have made the H2 into a full heated bed machine.  




* Our HE280 auto leveling is compatible with our forks of repetier firmware OR RepRapFirmware.  You can find all of our firmware and other open source work on our GitHub Pages.