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Frame Kit for Rostock MAX v3

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Please note: This product is limited to inventory in-stock and EOL (end of life) 2018. 


The RostockMAX v3 FRAME KIT is our third generation frame design. This is the frame shipping with the Rostock MAX v3 since September, 2016. 

The kit is hardware only with the exception that there are no t-slot aluminum rails, button heads for t-slot mounting, and no t-slot nuts.  There are no belts, pulleys, or motors.  The one inch square t-slot and t-slot hardware is separate because many customers already have this.  Does not include a hot end and does not include EZR Struder.

The v3 is designed for reverse compatibility.  So previous owners of SeeMeCNC Delta Printers can upgrade to the latest frame without having to buy a whole kit.  Existing v1 and v2 owners already have all drive components, glass, extruder and electronics to use this kit.

Notes about the heated bed (not included):  The heated bed on a v3 is a rev8 or higher. The main difference is the thickness of the heated bed. The rev8 heated bed is 1mm thick. Older heated beds are thicker. We have designed the v3 to accept either heated bed. The thin heated beds are better because the glass easily flattens the heated bed itself making the build surface flat. The v3 frame design does not rigidly mount the heated bed to the frame. The build surface clamps hold everything in place, yet allow for some thermal expansion resulting in a build surface which is more flat.


What's included in this frame kit?

  • Laser cut frame parts (your color choice)
  • injection molded motor mounts and frame infrastructure
  • injection molded bed insulator (but no heated bed) 
  • injection molded spool holder
  • laser cut smoke corner panels
  • all hardware to mount all electronics - including control, heat bed, raspberry pi, power supply
  • clear plastic LCD enclosure (plus red button, LCD screen not included)


You might want to consider buying extra:

  • Onyx rev10 heated bed
  • wiring & heat shrink tubing
  • HE280 hot end
  • EZR Extruder
  • 12V power supply (not ATX supply)
  • ball joint carriages, arms, and platform
  • R4ZZ bearing and R4 Idler Pulley's