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FabLam Flex™ Spring Steel Bed Plate 310mm Diameter

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A quality spring steel plate made for SeeMeCNC 3D Printers. These flex plates need a magnetic build plate to work properly.



  • 310mm Diameter x ~0.4mm thick steel plate
  • Replacement warning labels


  • Artemis 300 *magnetic plate needed 
  • RostockMAX (all varieties)  *magnetic plate needed
  • PEI Build Surface Stickers


Setup for SeeMeCNC Duet controlled Deltas

  • Magnetic plate needed for this product
  • clamp FabLam Flex on top of glass
  • modify config.g probe offset to -0.5 (see following line from config.g)
    • G31 P100 X0 Y0 Z-0.5 ; Probe trigger and offset values for FabLam Flex Spring
  • follow this guide for Duet bed mapping reset